CMD Onsite Guide

Next CMD Onsite: February 2023, Thailand

Here’s a quick guide to basic policies and procedures around our offsite.

This is a very early and incomplete draft, we will be filling in many details as we get closer to February!

CMD Onsite Schedule

2/11 Arrival to BKK
2/12 – 2/15 On islands
2/16 Go back to BKK
2/17 – 2/19 WordCamp
2/20 In BKK
2/21 Fly out of Thailand


You’re responsible for procuring your own valid passport, visa and any other documents required for entry into Thailand.

Pre-approved visa fees and related expenses are reimbursable via the normal procedure documented in the Employee Handbook (basically just ping Aaron to get approval before you pay the fees, we will reimburse you unless it’s an agency asking for a highly marked up fee or something like that).


Flights in and out of Thailand, as well as any company approved flights for the duration of the onsite, will be booked and paid for by Command Media.


Your accommodation will be booked and paid for by Command Media. You may be asked to share a room with one other (same gender) employee.

Guests (e.g. Partners, Spouses, Family, Friends)

If you’d like to bring a partner, relative, friend, etc. please contact Aaron with your request ASAP. Guests will again be allowed to join us this year. Their flights, accommodation, and some activity bookings will be at their own expense, but we’re happy to include them in our group bookings, and you can reimburse Command Media later.


I’ll do a quick review of last year’s guide later, but I’m not anticipating any major changes to this procedure. Basically you clear immigration/customs and then book transit to the hotel via Grab (CMD will reimburse your Grab). Once at the hotel you can check yourself in with the confirmation documents we provide.


The overall agenda and goals for the onsite will be similar to 2020, but frankly we have a lot more ideas and it may be very action packed! Ideas include:

  • The first ever WordCamp Asia, obviously! (17-18 February, optional Contributor Day on the 19th)
  • Sessions with the team where we:
    • Share what we’ve been working on for clients
    • Share the biggest things we’ve learned on recent projects
    • Strategize on how to cross-pollinate our experiences, improve the company, and improve outcomes for clients
    • Discuss the future of Command Media
  • Fun and exciting Thailand stuff!

More coming soon!