Experienced WordPress developers who collaborate with you via JIRA, Slack and Git

We are Agile engineers and WordPress is our passion

We are a team of software developers, PMs and testers who care about quality engineering. Many of us have been building WordPress sites for over a decade, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We have experience developing complex web applications at scale with WordPress, designed to service thousands to millions of users.

We know that our customers value good engineering as much as we do, so we pay careful attention to best practices and maintain a high level of transparency and collaboration. We’re not just building solutions for you, we’re building them with you, highly engaged at every step of the way. This means you’re working with individual contributors who speak great English, have mastered the tools of the trade, and are constantly iterating on process and methodology to deliver better software every day — on time and within budget.

How it Works

Explain your requirements to us

Pay your deposit

Sign up for weekly sprints

PM, Dev and QA are assigned to your project

You have full access to tools, code and people

Progress is reported every week

What is an Agile Sprint?

A sprint is a fixed time period (typically one week) in which work is scheduled and performed. At the beginning of your project, we estimate the number of sprints that will be required to complete your scope of work. We then schedule each unit of work into a sprint and perform weekly checkpoints. Sprints function like micro-projects that are easier to control and manage.

Research has shown that large IT projects run an average of 45% over budget while delivering 56% less value than predicted (McKinsey, 2012). Our process enables us to complete a typical project within 15% of budget estimates and with a high level of outcome transparency.

A process inspired by Agile development results in better prioritization of developer time. It ensures that risks are identified early in development and that top priorities get top focus.

What Our Customers Say

“Concepts are bounced back and forth. Photoshopped screenshots are turned into features overnight, waiting in our inboxes in the morning like Christmas presents.”

Senior Business Operations Specialist, GPS Insight

“Command Media’s developers were instrumental in reducing our homepage load times by 40%. Their WordPress expertise is second to none.”

Digital Manager, Oahu Publications

“They are very responsive to our needs. Command Media is always looking for ways to make our site just a little bit better!”

Service Manager, Maruyama Mfg. Co.