GPS Insight, LLC

As one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, GPS Insight’s expansion required new tools for publishing information to customers and employees alike. Working closely with GPS Insight employees, we developed an internal Knowledge Base and an external Help site for GPS Insight based on WordPress. The sites are designed to support GPS Insight’s internal workflow, integrated with its product line, and customized with special editing, browsing, and searching capabilities that save the company time and money.

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Maruyama U.S., Inc.

As a manufacturer with more than 120 years of history, we’ve supported Maruyama’s transition into the digital age by creating an online servicing platform for product warranty claims. With over a thousand dealers across the USA, the system processes hundreds of requests per day. By replacing expensive third party technologies, we helped Maruyama achieve significant cost savings. As a service partner, we continue to handle maintenance and updates and provide the expertise Maruyama needs to keep their digital assets running smoothly.

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Honolulu Star-Advertiser

With a newsroom staff of over 120 people, the Star-Advertiser is the largest news gathering organization in Hawaii and faces unique challenges integrating their offline operations with their digital publications. The Star-Advertiser’s flagship website and many of its smaller sites are built on WordPress, and Command Media’s experienced engineers have tackled challenges problems ranging from performance to reporter workflow to mobile-friendliness on these sites. Our focus is helping the Star-Advertiser make the most of WordPress–reducing maintenance costs, ensuring site uptime, implementing best practices in development, and stepping in to assist whenever internal developers are strapped for time.

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