The GPS Insight Help Center, Ecosystem Center, and Knowledge Base – Powered by WordPress

As one of America’s fastest growing companies, GPS Insight was frustrated with the limitations of the disconnected tools used by its various teams to store product documentation. Each team had different requirements for authoring and publishing information. Hindered by the incompatibilities between these tools, how could GPS Insight hope to deliver comprehensive product documentation and support to its customers?

GPS Insight’s one-stop shop for how to use their products

Command Media helped create a “single source of truth” for information on GPS Insight’s products and solutions. To fully serve the complex needs of their growing business, we used our WordPress expertise to create three interconnected websites — the Help Center (for customers), Ecosystem Center (for partners), and Knowledge Base (for internal staff). These websites share a common design, user experience, content authoring experience, and information databases, so the right information can be provided to the right people at the right time!

The light, clean design of the Help Center, Knowledge Base and Eco Center

“I can’t say enough about what a fantastic experience I have had so far with Command Media. After conducting several calls with other providers, the call with Aaron was in a completely different ballpark. On our first project, they came back in significantly less time than originally quoted with the solution 95% perfect. It took one small tweak request and my problem was solved. I’m a bit of a hobby-coder myself and looking at their code was delightful; they wrote beautiful code and commented it regularly; even as a newbie I was able to follow it.”

James Adamthwaite, Director of Sales Operations, GPS Insight